How Exercise Can Help Mind, Body and Soul


Training, either at home or in the gym, is such a huge part of our lives. Influencers are discussing their workout routines, gym-fluencers are a thing and Personal Training Instructors are all over social media. At school you have PE classes to rely on, whilst the pressure to remain ‘fit and healthy’ afterwards is everywhere you turn.

But why do we train and how does this benefit us physically, mentally and emotionally?

More than an aesthetic

So many people train for the aesthetic benefits of going to the gym, but getting active and regularly exercising affects more than just how you look.

Runners at Gyllyngvase Beach
Aiding Respiratory Wellness

Do you ever find yourself out of breath after climbing that hill, or keeping up with your child’s endless energy? Regular cardiovascular training or yoga sessions focusing on breathwork can help you to breathe deeper and better, so you don’t have to try and hide any heavy breathing and relieve the symptoms of those living with chronic lung diseases such as asthma.

Respiratory & Digestion
Helping Digestion

A flat stomach isn’t in the cards for everyone, it depends on physiology. But that doesn’t mean exercise can’t help you in other ways. Regular walks or yoga can help to increase blood flow to the muscles, which keeps the muscles in your digestive system moving, which helps you to digest food quickly.

Man using tyre to exercise on Gyllyngvase Beach
Circulatory Benefits

Exercising can help to improve circulation as aerobic and resistance training help to get your blood pumping faster, flushing through your body. Good circulation means blood is getting everywhere it needs to and that your organs are functioning to the best of their ability. Enjoy faster healing and a natural flush.

Circulatory & Pain
Remove Any Pain

If you suffer from any joint or muscular pain that can prevent you from doing things you enjoy, certain strength, mobility and flexibility training can help to strengthen bones and prevent bone or muscle loss. Utilising weight-bearing exercises now means that your body will continue to gain strength and slow down ageing, a win-win!

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise is great for keeping us moving, thinking and learning throughout our lives. From learning new moves and practising different areas of fitness to keeping us young, both mentally and physically, the benefits of exercise are in anything and everything we do.

The back of a man utilising weight equipment at the St Michaels Health Club
The Endocrine System

The Endocrine system is a network of our glands and organs that work together with hormones to develop our responses to stress, injury and mood, as well as energy levels and metabolism.

Exercise helps to stimulate blood serotonin levels and hormones, both of which can positively impact your mood, speed up your metabolism and help you get that much-needed 8 hours each night.

3 Column Banners
The Lymphatic System

Reduce the risk of illness and fluid build-up with exercises that focus on your lymphatic system. Walking, swimming, Tai Chi and other exercises that you can practise daily can help to drain your lymphatic system such as your lymph nodes. This in turn helps to protect you from any potential infections, reduce swelling and remove waste or toxins from the body for a healthy lifestyle free from illness.

3 Column Banners
Exercises for Mental Health

Much like exercise isn’t just here for aesthetic purposes, there are more than physical benefits to a regular regime.

Aerobic and anaerobic exercises are ideal for taking your mind off of any stressors, getting your blood pumping and releasing those happy hormones. Aerobic exercises such as running, swimming and dancing can reduce anxiety and depression, whilst anaerobic exercises like yoga are a complementary therapy, working together to benefit your mental health.

Exercise and the Everyday

We use our bodies every single day of our lives, so taking care of them should be our top priority. From sleeping better and improving posture to just feeling good again, adding exercise into your daily routine is an excellent use of your time.

Health Club instructor providing barbell training to a member
Why do we weight train?

Strength training can help us to build muscles, but it can also help with day-to-day activities, such as carrying the shopping in, lifting your child or walking the dog. Adding strength training to your exercise routine can make it all seem easier.

Weight & Cardio
Why Cardio is important

Cardio is the thing we all groan about, but it is full of benefits that help us every day. Cardio improves sleep and heart health, and strengthens immune systems. Aerobic exercises are what help us to keep our breath climbing the stairs, manage chronic conditions to keep pain at bay and reduce your risk of catching illness, ideal for the winter time!

Find Your Purpose to Train with the Health Club

At St Michaels our goal is to help you feel good again and focus on your wellbeing, from our award-winning spa to our state-of-the-art Health Club. Focus on you in 2024 and make it your year of self-care, putting your mind, body and soul on the front page.

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