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At St Michaels Health Club our ethos is to help our guests feel good again, whether you are a Falmouth local or have come to stay with us from further afield, our wellness options can be tailored to your individual needs.

Hidden away in our buzzing Health Club, our Wellness Centre is equipped with a range of wellbeing-focused facilities and treatments, including a wellness studio, health and wellbeing services, body analysis consultations and sunbeds.

Wellness Consultations
Guidance Wellness Consultations

Begin your fitness journey with all of the necessary information provided by an informed consultation from one of our Health Club experts. 

Our consultations include state-of-the-art equipment alongside tried and tested methods that allow our team to analyse your body’s composition and recommend suitable changes that will benefit your physical and mental wellbeing.

Check out our selection of wellness consultation packages below, starting from £10.

Wellness Consultations

Wellness Treatments
Professional Wellness Treatments

Our Wellness Centre offers a selection of health treatments to help you begin your wellness journey. Our treatment offerings include Osteopathy, Nutritional Therapy and Physical Therapy, each focusing on individual wellbeing.

Perfect for rectifying any aches and pains or for those looking for nutritional help, our wellness treatments are ideal for those looking to start a fitness journey or those looking for a refresh to get them back on the right track. 

Discover our Wellness Treatments below.

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Yoga Day Retreat
Instructor-led Yoga Day Retreat

Spend a day looking within, in an instructor-led yoga day retreat unlike any other.

Experience a morning yoga class followed by a herbal tea break. Following this enjoy a session of warming yoga, hot stretch and a delicious one-course lunch provided by our Garden Kitchen.

Finish your day with mindfulness meditation and a final postural awareness session that will leave you feeling refreshed. Check out our available dates below.

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A summer glow Sunbeds

Show off your gorgeous tan no matter the weather with the help of our trusted sunbed. Return home with a proper Cornish tan or build a base for your next trip away, our sunbeds provide a healthy, natural glow that brings with it a confidence unparalleled.

Boost your day with some much-needed Vitamin D, find out more below. 

Our Sunbed


Outdoor Wellness Classes and Activities

Situated right on the Falmouth coast, the St Michaels Health Club offers the unique opportunity to take fitness and wellness classes outside in the fresh sea air.

Discover beach yoga and a selection of other alfresco classes that allow you to witness the beauty of Cornwall whilst participating in classes that boost your fitness and wellbeing.

St Michaels Health Club Yoga Class on Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth
Find your zen
Beach Yoga

Focus on strength, flexibility and breathing as you complete a beachside yoga class within the beautiful scenery of Gyllyngvase Beach, listening to the calming sound of waves and relishing in the sea breeze.

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Get moving
Beach Blast

A high-intensity workout that will only use 30 minutes of your day, have fun on the sand with a view across Falmouth Bay. You never know what playful animals you may see as you set up on the beach just across from St Michaels Resort.

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Train hard

Join in on a boot camp class to get your blood pumping with a group and instructor to hold you accountable.

High-energy, high-intensity and excellent results with a beachside location, what a way to start the day.

Female Health Club member using weights and equipment on Muscle Beach at St Michaels
Work out
Legs, Bums & Tums

Feel the burn in your legs, bums and tums with this bodyweight class that aims to target these areas for a toned physique that can be achieved anywhere, even on the beach.

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For body and mind
Body Balance

Take note of your body as you utilise moves inspired by Yoga and Pilates in an enjoyable workout that will both stretch and tone. The focus needed is ideal for adding mindfulness to your session, pairing perfectly with the fresh sea air for a rejuvenating routine.

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Get flexible

A low-impact exercise that allows you to find your flow and you stretch and move your body to the sounds of the world around you. Focus on your breathing, posture and flexibility in this class perfect for all abilities.

Cold Water Plunge
Immerse yourself Cold Water Plunge

Cold water immersion has been used for years for therapeutic and health benefits, alongside sporting recovery. Our cold water plunge pool allows you to fully submerge yourself post-workout to reduce any muscle soreness or inflammation you may notice in your recovery period.

Challenge yourself to face the plunge in our spa garden and test out these benefits for yourself.

Outdoor Training
Get Outside Outdoor Training

Train alfresco in our outdoor training oasis. Take your weights outside for some Vitamin D during your workout, or set up outside for some calming stretches and breathing exercises out in the fresh air. 

Our outside gym terrace is also set up with some in-built equipment to make your training session even easier, simply rock up and workout.

Beach Activities
Have an adventure Beach Activities

Dive into a paddleboard adventure or take a kayak tour of our local rivers, being a stone's throw from the gorgeous Gyllyngvase beach is the perfect excuse for a beachside activity.

At St Michaels we have a wide variety of beach and sea activities available to try, with preferential rates available for resort guests.

Up your game Tennis

Our four beachside astro turf tennis courts are the perfect place to let off some steam with a quick game or regular training sessions. Available for both beginners and advanced players, our courts are available to book with our Health Club team.

Need a ball or racket ahead of your game? Equipment is available to hire from £4.

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Explore our selection of wellness facilities, treatments and activities at the St Michaels Health Club and take some time to focus on yourself.

Get in touch with our Health Club team to find out more about our wellness offering or to get booked into one of our sessions.