Alfresco Fitness: Our Outdoor Oasis


Here at St Michaels, our Health Club is divided into many different training types and environment sections. Because we know that when it comes to the gym, it’s not a one size fits all kind of experience, and that’s why we’ve got studios for high intensity cardio, indoor weight rooms, a long laned swimming pool and even alfresco fitness facilities for those warmer, brighter days in Falmouth.

Following our Health Club refurb which took place last year, we’ve introduced our outdoor training oasis, and Health Club members and fitness fanatics have loved training in the fresh air, and we can’t wait to welcome all of you and more back for the brighter days ahead.

No matter what kind of workout is your preferred method of getting your fitness in, St Michaels Health Club’s outdoor area and fitness classes can be your new place to train.

Take a look at our Wellness Outdoors options

Beach Yoga
With Bex Rowe Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga with Health Club Manager Rebecca Rowe combines the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga with the natural elements surrounding you helping you to achieve the highest nirvana. By grounding you with fresh air, sea views, the sounds of waves and the natural elements of sand on your feet, you will be guided to focus on your strength, your flexibility and your breathing, boosting your mental and physical well being in unison.

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Beach Blast
Only 30 mins Beach Blast

For when you need a full and fun filled high intensity workout but don’t have much time, All you’ll need is yourself and 30 minutes of a Beach Blast workout. Your trainer will guide you through short bursts of various body targeting workouts, keeping your workouts varied whilst not eating too much into your time so that you can explore the rest of what Falmouth has to offer.

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Boot Camp
Military Style Boot Camp

Classic gym equipment + Views of Gylly beach = a fun twist on a military style, intense workout for the heart and muscles using a range of cardio and weight based equipment right in the centre and tranquillity of Falmouth’s coastline. There’s no need for air conditioning when you’ve got gentle salty breezes of the beach as your surroundings. Feel the burn and breathe in the sea air as you train, breathing in the natural elements around you while putting your resistance to the test.

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Legs, Bums &Tums LBT

A 360 Legs, Bums and Tums workout for when you need a strength and core focussed workout. Train the muscles and get your heart pumping in the comfort of our outdoor fitness area and relish in the beauty of blue skies above you and natural subtropical stone walls surrounding you, cheering you on while you get those reps in.

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Body Balance
Find Harmony Body Balance

Level up your Yoga game with a mix of Pilates by Falmouth’s idyllic coastline, allowing you to get the blood pumping whilst not having to miss out on your daily dose of vitamin sea. Find balance in nature, while your body gets warmer, the sea breeze will keep you cool. Move your body to a range of music that will work your body and mind awake and refreshed.

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Stretch & Flex Pilates

A low impact class that focuses on posture and flexibility without the harsh lighting and echoes of indoor chambers. Grab your towels and your comfiest trainers for a good stretch and flex in the outdoor training area of Falmouth’s award winning Health Club with a tropical atmosphere with a classic Pilates session and meet like-minded souls in the great Falmouth outdoors.

If you're looking for something a little bit different for your outdoor fitness journey, St Michaels Health club has a range of beach activities and Tennis court-based activities available.

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