New for summer 2019, our sunbed is sure to have you feeling confident in no time. Whether you want to build a base for a trip away or make your friends jealous of the ‘tan’ you got in Cornwall, it will be hard to resist using our sunbed.

Open to both our health club members, hotel residents and Falmouth locals, our sunbed, the Ergoline Excellence 800 with 51 body lamps, 4 Ultra facial tanners and additional 13 shoulder and neck tanners provide an even more outstanding tanning result. It features aromatherapy, aqua spray mist, air conditioning and voice guide.

Besides helping you get that elusive tan, sunbeds provide several health benefits too. They provide your body with vitamin D which plays various roles in the body such as maintaining bone density, regulates insulin levels and is a vital component in the normal working of the brain. They can be used in the treatment of certain skin conditions and can treat certain forms of depression.

Discover our prices below…


Pay As You Go Minutes
3 Minutes | £3.60
6 Minutes | £7.20
9 Minutes | £10.80
12 Minutes | £14.40
15 Minutes | £18.00

From as little as 84p per minute...
30 Minutes | £32.50
60 Minutes | £61.00
90 Minutes | £86.00
120 Minutes | £108.00
150 Minutes | £126.00

Please enquire at Health Club reception