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Wellness Consultations

At the heart of the health club is our Consultation Room. We strongly believe that a guided, well thought out start to your fitness journey will see you training smarter, for longer. Our trainers will cover everything from body analysis, postural control, stress and anxiety management, sleep management and nutrition.

Using state of the art equipment and our tried and tested methods, we will analyse your body’s composition and recommend suitable changes to help improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Discover our consultation options below…

Health Appraisal

£25 - allow 45 minutes

This test incorporates three of the most vital measurements covering a person’s health and fitness:

• Body Fat
• Blood Pressure
• Aerobic Ability

The appraisal will conclude with an explanation of results and advice on how to improve them where necessary.

Health Screening

£10 - allow 10 minutes

This test will measure different parts of your physiological make up including:

• Body Fat Percentage
• Fat-Free Muscle
• Fat Muscle
• Bone Mass & Muscle Mass
• Visceral Fat Levels

Our wellbeing trainers will then give you a brief breakdown of your Health Score.

Health Screening Advanced

£30 - allow 45 minutes

This test will measure different parts of your physiological make up including:

• Body fat %
• Fat free muscle, fat muscle, bone mass and muscle mass
• Total Body Water
• Visceral fat levels

After your advanced screening, our wellbeing trainers will talk you through your results, suggest any changes that will improve your wellbeing and set clear goals on how these will be achieved.


£75 – allow 60 minutes

This test incorporates a Health Screening and a Nutritional Consultation to see how your diet is affecting your physiological make-up.

Our wellbeing trainer will look at your BMR to see if your calorie intake puts your body into a surplus or deficit. A great start for anyone looking to either increase their weight or drop their weight.

We recommend this option for anyone starting a block of personal training sessions, someone starting a new workout plan or new health club members.

Looking to improve your diet and health?

Good Day Nutrition' is a Nutrition and Dietetic service that offers one-to-one, professional dietary support and guidance.

‘Good Day Nutrition’ focuses on you as an individual and delivers reliable dietary advice that you can trust. All information provided is based on a healthy balanced diet, incorporating long-term healthy lifestyle choices for life-long health.

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