How to do a tuck-jump burpee


Burpees - synonymous with groans and sweat but once you realise the full body benefits you'll be popping them out like nobody's business! If you want to add an extra boost to your workout then try out the tuck-jump burpee demonstrated by Lauren below...

Starting point - Standing with feet hip-width apart and core engaged

Keeping the knees in line with the toes, bend at the knees and send the hips back to a squat position maintaining a straight back

Drive the legs into the ground to jump straight up into the air with arms reaching to gain more height and momentum

Land through starting position and continue to bend knees and hips controlling the decent

Reach hands to the ground and jump both feet back into plank position

Jump feet outside hands making sure to get your heels down (so you’re not on tip-toes) and keeping your hips low. Once this is completed lift the hands off the floor

Jump the feet back to hip width position. Swing arms back to prepare for jump and gain momentum, ensuring that the back is straight

Drive the legs to jump straight up first

Pull your knees towards the chest for tuck position

Straighten the legs to land, bending the knees and ensuring that they are travelling in the same direction as your toes. Flexing at the hip to descend into squat position, keeping the back straight.

Return to starting position

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