Our Seasonal Food Ethos

Our Food & Drink

Across shoreline, day boat, field and woodland, local experts are rearing, growing and delivering world-class ingredients straight into the St Michaels kitchens, and onto the plates of hungry diners.

Fresh. Honest. Local.
"For us, Fresh, Honest and Local isn't a slogan, it's our mantra" explains St Michaels Head Chef Darren “. The ingredients and seasons inform our entire food ethos, extending from the kitchen into the relaxed dining rooms. We just don’t think guests are looking for macho chefs and stuffy posh dining anymore. Instead, we create plates which are guided by the seasons. The ingredients are the heroes, paired with great wines and local tipples, and topped off with the views across our gardens and onto Falmouth Bay”.

Within the laid-back splendour of Brasserie on the Bay, diners can expect small menus built on superstar seasonal ingredients fused with a series of mouthwatering twists: think mussels paired with Cornish cider and local beets cut with goats cheese.

Local food heroes: from farm to kitchen door 
“Thanks to our local partners we’ve got year-round access to local meats including Cornish duck and of course the best day-boat fish from Fish for Thought, from hake and mackerel to local and sustainably-landed crab and lobster.” adds Darren.

The bounty of spring and summer often allows the spotlight to fall on local heritage vegetables and salty shoreline gems like kelp and samphire. Then, as endless summers finally give way to autumn, world-renowned Fal Oysters come into season, along with our renowned Sunday Roast, complete with choice Cornish cuts.

Menus for all tastes
"Of course, it's not just about meat and fish" Darren is quick to point out “Far from it, we have members of the kitchen crew who are vegan, so there’s no such thing as the old-fashioned token veggie dish. Instead, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to produce great dishes that not only work for selective diets but also those with intolerances and allergies. The menu is deliberately flexible so we can work to the needs of our diners whilst maintaining our thrust towards fresh, honest and local”.

At times, the quest for local and seasonal becomes more of an obsession for the St Michaels kitchen crew.

“We’re constantly scratching our heads and tweaking menus, finding ways to squeeze more top-drawer ingredients onto our plates” says Darren “so pretty-well every meal here tells a story of local, seasonal heroes”.

Rarely is farm-to-fork such a short and satisfying journey.

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