12 Jul 24

16:00 - 18:30

Explore the beautiful mechanisms of breathing and learn how to shift and optimise breathing patterns for emotional and physical wellbeing in this helpful wellness workshop.


Health Club Members £25pp / Non Members £32pp

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Room To Move

Discover sequences of movement that utilise breath for a moment of calm. From Yogic movements to useful stretches that improve health and help you understand the importance of breath work.

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Space To Breathe

Learn to understand and change how you breathe and how that can be gently transformative, whilst discovering interesting information about the anatomy and physiology of breathing practices in day-to-day life.

Meet Your Instructor
Amanda Meet Your Instructor

With over 40 years of experience teaching somatic movement and mindfulness, Amanda teaches yoga and breathwork classes that focus on the intent of curiosity, creativity and compassion.

Add To Your Experience
Add To Your Experience

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Book yourself an overnight stay in a comfortable room just steps away from the beach, or indulge in a visit to our spa for a hydrothermal experience or luxurious treatment. Finish your day with a delicious dinner in one of our two restaurants right here at the resort.

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