In our traditional Moroccan steam chamber

Rhassoul Mud Experience

Our rhassoul is a special experience in a private treatment room for up to four people featuring a traditional Moroccan steam chamber.

As part of our signature treatment range, our expertly designed rhassoul experience
encompasses use of the bespoke, private spa chamber, a steam infusion and exfoliating shower
experience, and a soothing rhassoul application.
To begin, exfoliate and purify your skin with a seasonally scented scrub, then cocoon your body
in the restorative heated clay and bask in the tropical steam room as the natural material draws
out impurities. Our signature treatment is completed with a warm shower that removes the
applied mud, cold shower jets to close the pores and a body lotion to leave your skin feeling
refreshed and rejuvenated.

Rhassoul Mud Experience is just £15pp, for up to 4 people


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Cleanse and wet the skin in the private shower within your room. When the skin is still wet you will then use our beautifully scented Natural Spa Factory scrubs to carry out a full body exfoliation. After your exfoliation go back into the shower to wash off the scrub before going into the rhassoul. 

Mud and steam
Step 2 Mud and steam

Apply the muds and clays to your body and face and then relax as your private steam room fills with steam infusing the mud and cleansing your pores. The steam will intersperse with rainforest showers.

Shower and hydrate
Step 3 Shower and hydrate

You will then wash off the clay and apply an oil to soak into your skin ensuring the benefits are long-lasting and leaving your skin soft, smooth and cleansed.

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Book your Rhassoul Mud Experience for just £15pp for a Moroccan treatment room for up to 4 people.


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