What is Blue Monday?


Getting the Monday blues is pretty common, especially after having an amazing weekend! But what is Blue Monday and how is it different?

Blue Monday is how we refer to the third Monday in January and is thought to be the saddest Monday of the year. After all of the excitement of Christmas and New Year, you’re now three weeks into the New Year and somehow nothing has changed dramatically, creating low feelings. This is also around the time New Year resolutions fall by the wayside.

A Little Something From Us

Take a breath and relax into a five-minute guided meditation with Health Club Manager Bex. Find inner peace and calm as you let go of today's worries and focus on mental wellness. Perfect for a short break throughout the day or before bed to feel mindful and relaxed.


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

We’ve all heard people complaining about January being the longest month of the year. It’s dark, cold and there are no festivities to break up the day-to-day. Pair this all with the lack of Vitamin D and it’s a recipe for Seasonal Affective Disorder or the ‘January Blues’. So what can we do to take care of our Mental Health at this time of year and avoid those Blue Monday feelings?

Couple with their dog walking along Gylly Beach in Falmouth
Walk In The Winter Sun

It’s so easy to avoid going outside at this time of year, it’s cold and dark and it’s just so much easier to stay inside. But trying to get out for a short walk in your lunch break is the ideal way to try to get some of that missing Vitamin D back!

Luckily for us there are beautiful coastal walks just beyond our doors, perfect for a breath of fresh air or a longer trek.

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Enjoy Blue Spaces

Blue spaces have a positive impact on mental health thanks to the calming blue tones of the ocean or swimming pools. Blue therapy can promote relaxation, aid sleep and reduce anxiety, which is why heading to the beach can help you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

A walk beside the beautiful clear waters of Gylly Beach, or a refreshing swim at the pool can do wonders for you all year round, not just in January.

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Get Active

Everyone always seems to have ‘join the gym’ on their New Year's resolutions, but getting active is great for your mental health. Exercise is great for the mind, with certain exercises helping to release serotonin and ‘happy hormones’ which positively impact your mode.

Bonus: you’ll feel good physically too!


Be kind to yourself if you are feeling low, everyone has their moments and your feelings are valid! Treating yourself kindly can include letting yourself have that lie in if you need it, or it can really mean ‘treat yourself’!

Lamb bacon salad at St Michaels Resort
Healthy And Nutritious Meals

Getting all of the nutrients you can into your diet can benefit your mental health and can also help you to introduce new foods and flavours into your diet, a win-win situation!

Treat yourself by enjoying a lunch out, whether it’s taking a pre-made lunch outside into the fresh air, or treating yourself to a healthy and delicious sit-down lunch at a local cafe or restaurant. We highly recommend our Garden Kitchen for a tasty lunch with all of the benefits!

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Indulge At The Spa

We choose to go to the spa for our mental health at any other time of the year, so why not now? 

Choose a spa with a luxurious and therapeutic Hydrothermal Pool and indulge in blue spaces and comforting warmth to chase away the winter chill, or treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment or massage to work out all of that unwanted tension to leave you feeling light and refreshed and ready to continue the day.

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Something To Look Forward To

If there’s ever a good excuse to book a holiday or staycation, now’s the time! Enjoy that little serotonin boost that comes when you have something to look forward to!

Book your next weekend break or week-long holiday now and you can start to count down the days! It’s also a good time to keep your eye out for any exciting wellness breaks coming up that you can add to your calendar for some well-deserved ‘me time’.