Spa Secrets: Healthy Summer Skin

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It's that time of year again when the sun finally starts to shine and we all flock to the beach to soak up some rays. But what effect does this have on your skin? Luckily here at St Michaels we have our very own spa full of experts to ask, here we share the advice of our Head of Spa, Alex Fowler...

What are the basics to keeping your skin looking and feeling good now the weather’s warmer and we’re spending more time outside?

Keep hydrated! Wear makeup or use moisturisers with a natural SPF (ESPA Gradual body tan has an SPF of 15 and Bare Minerals has a natural SPF factor too, many mineral make ups do). Doing this will help you maintain a constant level of protection against sun damage. Don’t rely on the sun for your tan, try a gradual tan (ESPA have a new one for face and body) St Tropez or spray tan to keep topped up. Use sun tan lotion and cover up if you're outside for long periods. A tan may look great but in years to come the skin damage won't.

All our facials start with a woodslamp skin analysis to ensure that advice is prescriptive to each individual client.

Scrubs. A full body scrub is a must, it keeps your tan going longer by removing dead skin cells, boosts circulation, and if you are adding a tan into your routine then it will help it to sink in evenly. 

Are there any ‘tips and tricks’ to make your summer skin feel better quickly (especially if you do get sunburnt)?

Tut tut, you didn’t follow my advice in point one! But if you do get burnt then stay out of sun, hydrate the skin with a good, intensive moisturiser and if you're a tad sore then choose products with cucumber and aloe in which will be cooling and refreshing, providing some relief.

Are there any products you’d recommend using?

Natural Spa Factory Peppermint Salt Scrub (find it here, or at our spa reception), enriched with seaweed is the perfect pick me up.

ESPA Gradual Face Tan either neat or mixed with your everyday moisturiser for a natural sun kissed glow without the sun damage.

ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy. (Find the ESPA products here, or at our spa reception)

Your favourites?

Currently ESPA Micellar cleanser (I even took this camping with me as it’s so refreshing and easy to use) followed by ESPA Overnight hydration therapy, you can either use it as a mask for 5 minutes or apply overnight, wake up and remove.

Hands and feet, they’re always exposed – how can you keep them soft and moisturised?

A manicure or pedicure goes a long way (and you have beautifully painted toes after) but try a salt scrub enriched with oil once a week to keep feet soft and supple, top up with a moisturiser. Also don’t forget the sun tan lotion on the feet too! I sometimes prefer to let the sea do the work, shoes off, paddling and curling toes in sand leaves my feet feeling super soft.

If you want to try any of the products mentioned in this post to get your skin summer ready, pop into the spa and have a chat with one of our friendly therapists, or check out our treatment page here.

The best spa in Cornwall

I have just had the pleasure of going to the newly refurbished St. Michaels Spa with a group of friends. When you stepped into the water it was so warm and clear and felt like the most luxurious bath. There were lots of fantastic seating areas in the pool with jets that massaged all my aches and pains in all the right areas. They also had some really powerful, pummelling, overhead jets for your shoulders which were amazing...

Judy B,
The spa is amazing

I went here at the weekend for a hen spa day. The facilities are amazing, I was honestly in shock. There were two steam rooms with different aromas, an inside and outside sauna, and the pool was fantastic. I had the 60 minute massage with lavender and it was so good I nearly fell asleep. I really cannot rate how impressed I was by the spa and will be coming back for sure.

Beca T,