Soothe, lift and revive

Our facials will leave your skin looking brighter, hydrated, and glowing with new life. Whatever your skin concerns are, our therapists will tailor your chosen facial to you, so lie back and relax as you receive a bespoke facial that will address your concerns and have you glowing when you leave.

Natura Bisse Diamond Life Infusion

Preserves the youth of skin and slows the ageing process.

Visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and restores a youthful energy to every level of the skin. Dramatically reverses premature ageing while increasing firmness and elasticity.

Time: 90 minutes | Price: £130

Crystal Facial

A deeply calming yet uplifting facial that relieves tension and softens stress lines by using deep, therapeutic massage techniques across the face, neck and shoulders. Puffiness is dissolved and energy is infused into the complexion using cooling Rose Quartz “Gua Sha” Crystals. Eyes are refreshed and contours of the face are sharpened. Beginning with a relaxing meditation, and including a soothing scalp massage whilst the 100% organic products work their magic, this facial leaves you feeling renewed and aglow with health and vitality.

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £70

Natura Bisse Diamond Cocoon

Based on the same principles as Diamond Cocoon – fortify, shield, liberate – this facial incorporates a prebiotic deep cleansing ritual, an intense purifying treatment to detoxify your skin, as well as a cutting-edge oxygenating facial massage. White jade massage tools are introduced to encourage microcirculation and drainage, and to help smooth skin texture and define facial contours, boosting the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process and making your skin look brighter, tighter, and glowing with new life.

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £90

Natura Bisse The Yoga Facial

Calming facial for even the most inflamed skin using a combination of botanicals and a unique, relaxing massage.

Fruit enzymes exfoliate the skin while an algae mask helps replenish lost vitamins, minerals and hydration to the skin. This treatment has been exclusively developed for St Michaels Spa.

Time: 60 minutes | Price: £80

Elemis Biotec Custom Facial

Time to switch your skin on.

Your 60 minute treatment combines any 30 minute Elemis Biotec Facial and a Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage.

Time: 60 Minutes minutes | Price: £90

Elemis Skin Specific (30 min)

Target your specific skin concerns with a deeply relaxing facial treatment, whether to rehydrate, nourish, restore balance or tackle signs of aging. Our therapists can personally prescribe you targeted skincare to address your concerns.

Time: 30 minutes | Price: £55