Metabolic Effect Workout Explained


If you're short on time or what to see results quickly then Metabolic Effect workouts might just be the thing for you. We asked instructor Steve Owen to explain how it all works (and he's even created a quick workout for you!)

Combine body weight compound exercises in sequences to promote muscular and core strength balance in your body and give you the maximal metabolic effect.

What is Metabolic Effect and how does it work?

ME training is a unique type of exercise utilizing multiple joint movements and full body exercises to create a “ripple effect” on the metabolism. ME training provides results in less time by:

Using full body exercises so you burn maximum calories in minimum time

Generating the correct intensity to release hormones for fat burning.

Creating an increased metabolism that lasts hours and even days after exercise (the metabolic “ripple” effect)

Adding fat burning “machinery” to the body so you can burn more calories at rest.

Using exercises that develop enhanced body function and increased fitness

Constantly changing the workout so the body never knows what’s coming

Try combining these two beauties! Ratio 1:2

Pull Up and Squat

Come and see me for more fun filled challenging body weight combinations! SO

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