Holistic therapy explained


Holistic Therapy is fast becoming a huge new Spa trend, but what's it all about? Our Spa Manager Lucy has some great insider knowledge...



comes from the Greek word holos, meaning ‘whole’. Rather than just addressing an immediate symptom, a Holistic therapist will look for the underlying cause by considering current physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of a guest’s health and wellbeing. They will then work to restore the body’s natural balance, leading to a more sustained and rewarding quality of life. Holistic therapy is becoming more and more recognisable for its importance in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing.

Holistic therapy is being used increasingly by individuals wanting to find more balance and harmony within themselves. Recently it has gained hugely in popularity, especially among those looking to manage chronic stress. Holistic therapy treatments can help individuals to manage stress; aiding relaxation and improving longevity.

Effective in addressing countless other physical and psychological concerns, from muscular aches and pains to hormonal imbalances, to improved sleep and mental clarity, Holistic therapy is deeply relaxing and provides relief from the stress of everyday life and is a natural treatment that helps the body to self heal. For those of you who enjoy pampering themselves it’s also a fantastic way to indulge and treat yourself to something special and unique.

Holistic therapy is a completely natural and non-invasive treatment, suitable for all ages, which gently but effectively works to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance to encourage the body’s own self healing.

The opportunity to experience complementary therapies in a spa setting is becoming more commonplace. Gone are the days that you could only get an Indian head massage in India — the spa world has brought the best Holistic therapies of the world to a spa near you!

The best spa in Cornwall

I have just had the pleasure of going to the newly refurbished St. Michaels Spa with a group of friends. When you stepped into the water it was so warm and clear and felt like the most luxurious bath. There were lots of fantastic seating areas in the pool with jets that massaged all my aches and pains in all the right areas. They also had some really powerful, pummelling, overhead jets for your shoulders which were amazing...

Judy B,
The spa is amazing

I went here at the weekend for a hen spa day. The facilities are amazing, I was honestly in shock. There were two steam rooms with different aromas, an inside and outside sauna, and the pool was fantastic. I had the 60 minute massage with lavender and it was so good I nearly fell asleep. I really cannot rate how impressed I was by the spa and will be coming back for sure.

Beca T,

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