Rates & Reservations
• All rates are inclusive of VAT at 20%. In the event of a variation in the rate of VAT the new VAT rate will be applied.
• Reservations can be made directly with the hotel.
• Rates are as agreed with the Client and the Client agrees that they will not be amended / changed / disclosed to any third party.
• The negotiated rates and availability of rooms will only be guaranteed if booked in advance, apply to individual reservations only, and are subject to the agreed rate being available on the relevant room type at the time of booking.
• No rate adjustment will be possible after check in.
• Rates exclude commission unless indicated otherwise.
• St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd reserves the right to amend or withdraw these rates at any stage during the period of this agreement (apart from any reservation already booked and paid for as set out above) by written notice to the Client.
• Reservations will only be considered booked when confirmed in writing. The Client is responsible for any omissions / errors made in completing the booking.
• All reservations must be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival, or the accommodation will be charged in full.
• Bookings for more than 6 rooms will be considered a group booking and separate rates and conditions may apply.
• Separate rates and conditions may also be applicable to any accommodation linked to events held within the hotel.

Check In
Check in is from 3.30 pm onwards.

Check Out
Guests are requested to vacate their rooms by 11 am. Unless prior arrangement is made, the hotel reserves the right to raise a charge for late departure.

Terms of Payment and Charges
• Accounts must be settled on departure unless credit terms have been arranged prior to arrival
• Credit terms can be established, subject to credit approval being obtained. In the event that credit terms are set up, invoices must be settled within 30 days. St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on late payments.
• It is the responsibility of the guest to follow their own company procedures with regard to payment of extras. To the extent that extras remain unpaid, the responsibility for payment of extras remains with the client.

Non Arrivals
• St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd reserves the right to make a charge in the event of a non-arrival.
• It is the responsibility of any booking agent to provide Client contact details in the event of a non-arrival.

Right of Relocation
• If for any reason accommodation, which has been guaranteed, is not available at the resort, the St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd will supply alternative accommodation at another hotel of equal or superior quality. St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd will pay the difference (if any) in the charge for alternative accommodation and the Client’s agreed rate (detailed overleaf). St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd will arrange and pay for transport to the alternative accommodation.

Account Review
• The quoted rates are subject to a quarterly review with St Michaels, Falmouth Account Manager and are offered subject to agreed levels of accommodation volume being achieved within 12 months of the start of this agreement. If the volume of booked rooms is likely to fall short of the agreed volume, St Michaels, Falmouth reserves the right to review the offer of rate and amend as appropriate for future bookings.

• Should the Client choose to use an Agent after the agreement has been signed, and within the contract period, the original level of commission (0% if not applicable) will apply to the rate until the end of the agreement validity period. If the commission level is to change, St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd reserves the right to amend the agreed rates.

St Michaels, Falmouth Conditions
• Clients/Guests agree to comply with St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd procedures and/or requests with regard to conduct and respect for the property of the resort, its employees and its guests and their health and safety at all times.
• St Michaels, Falmouth Ltd shall have no liability for loss of or damage to the property of any guest other than as a result of the wilful default, or gross negligence of St Michaels, Falmouth or its employees acting in the course of their duties (in which case the liability of St Michaels, Falmouth shall be limited to the value of the lost or damaged property and shall not include any consequential loss and/or loss of profit). Valuables must be deposited wherever possible in the safe at the main reception.