Available as part of a spa day or on their own, our spa treatments will have you feeling relaxed and revitalised in no time. From our signature massages to body wraps and scrubs, to facials created exclusively for St Michaels Resort, our variety of spa treatments will have you spoilt for choice.

St Michaels Reiki

The treatment is peformed fully clothed and is based on the idea that unseen 'life force energy' flows through us and is what casues us to be alive. The treatment feels like a warm, radiant glow is passing around and through the body.

Time: 55 minutes | Price: £115

St Michaels Reflexology

This holistic treatment stimulates the reflex points and brings about balance within the body.

By applying pressure to areas of the feet, blockages and imbalances within the body can be corrected, restoring the flow of the body’s natural healing energies.

Time: 55 minutes | Price: £75

St Michaels Muscle Repair

Aimed at relieving pains and aching muscles, this treatment effectively soothes away sore and aching muscles.

Heated Parafango mud which is formulated with paraffin to create a mini-sauna is applied to the targeted area of the body. The treatment finishes with a body massage using a self-heating balm to soothe muscles. This treatment has been exclusively developed for St Michaels Spa.

Time: 55 minutes | Price: £95

St Michaels Indian Head Massage

Complementary therapies can be used to boost both physical and or emotional health.

This treatment is not just about the head, this includes massage to the arms, back, shoulders, neck, head and hair, using an eastern blend of aromatic oils. This is a powerful massage and is not recommended for pregnant ladies or people undergoing serious medical treatment. 

Time: 55 minutes | Price: £90

St Michaels Couples Massage

Ideal for both couples and friends.

Choose from a relaxing or deep pressure massage. The calm, tranquil atmosphere will leave you refreshed and renewed.

Time: 55 minutes | Price: £180


As part of our signature treatment range, our expertly designed rhassoul experience
encompasses use of the bespoke, private spa chamber, a steam infusion and exfoliating shower
experience, and a soothing rhassoul application.

Call 01326 312 707 to book

Monday to Thursday / Friday to Sunday

Price: £30 / £40 Find out more