28 Apr | 13 Oct | 01 Dec

17:00 pm - 19:00 pm


Spend a couple of hours finding your flow and diving into a deeply calming experience as you discover new yoga practices by mellow candlelight.

Explore Yoga and meditative Yoga Nidra with like-minded individuals and take a break from the restlessness of life.

Highlights include:

A moment of stillness

New Yoga Practices

Meditative Yoga Nidra session 


Health Club Members £20pp / Non Members £25pp

To book a members ticket please get in touch with the Health Club for your exclusive discount.


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Candle-lit Yoga

The ideal evening yoga session.

End the day with an exercise in mindfulness and relaxation with a candle-lit yoga experience. Low-light issues a sense of calm whilst helping to improve balance and co-ordination.

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Yoga Nidra

Also known as Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra is a meditative stage, incorporating flowing yoga poses and guided meditation.

Soothe the nervous system and release tension as you concentrate on mind, body and soul as one.

Add To Your Experience
Add To Your Experience

Indulge in yourself and expand your experience into a full day of rest and self-care.

Book an overnight stay in a luxurious room, or continue your wellness journey with a relaxing hydrothermal experience or treatment at our award-winning spa. Finish your stay with a delicious dinner in one of our fantastic Resort Restaurants and indulge in a well-deserved treat.

Want to turn your day into an experience? Call our team to add anything on to your upcoming wellness experience!

Why Choose Yoga Nidra?


"It means to me a period of being able to clear my head of worrying thoughts. Whilst undergoing medical tests I've been able to use an affirmation which calmed me, made me less nervous and able to feel stronger."

"I had never heard of Yoga Nidra. However, Ruth's openness, positivity and lightness drew me in. Since then I have joined the Yoga Nidra journey which has given me space, positivity and stillness."