23 Feb 24 | 16:00 pm - 18:00 pm

Improve flexibility and mobility and relieve pain as you discover the ideal yoga poses and stretches to work on muscle tightness or lower back and hip pain.

Highlights include:

Guided Yoga Session

Decreased Discomfort

Yoga Poses You Can Continue to Practice at Home


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Using Yoga For Pain Management

Yoga is comprised of stretches and poses that help to stretch muscles and strengthen joints to remove pain and keep us mobile for longer.

Knowing the right stretches to use to manage pain in your hips and lower back are crucial, which is where Lauren comes in.

Yoga Class using resistance bands to aid stretching
Yoga For Flexibility

Improve your range of motion with hip-opening stretches and poses. Yoga poses can strengthen muscles, helping to improve flexibility through regular yoga sessions. Improved flexibility can improve your physical performance whilst decreasing your risk of injury.

Explore mobilising movements, stretch, gentle flow, somatic tracking and guided relaxation, designed to alleviate discomfort and aid flexibility.

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Stretches For Pain Relief

Yoga stretches can help to improve circulation to your hips and back, decreasing debilitating back pain whilst strengthening muscles to better support your hips and back to prevent additional future pains.

The movements used within these sessions come from Instructor Lauren's own experiences with lower back pain, combined with Yoga Training and Somatic Movement. Lauren will also take you through 'neuro-plastic pain' during this workshop.

Your Instructor
Lauren Your Instructor

Lauren is a qualified Yoga Instructor with years of yoga practice and instruction under her belt.

Lauren has experienced lower back pain since having children, leading her onto the path of research and practice to create a Yoga flow that utilises useful movements to alleviate discomfort.

Add To Your Experience
Add To Your Experience

Indulge in yourself and continue a day of self-care and relaxation with some delightful add-ons to your time at St Michaels Resort.

Enjoy an overnight stay for a night of bliss, or continue your wellness journey with a hydrothermal experience or treatment at our award-winning spa. Finish your stay with a nutritious and delicious dinner for a well-deserved treat.

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