04 Oct 24

15:30 - 18:30

Spend a few hours focusing on your body and how it works with a somatic movement workshop that is ideal for those focusing on self-care, both physical and emotional.


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Somatic Movement

Somatic means 'of the body', relating to slow movement practices and explorations.

In this workshop, we will explore simple movements and patterns that relate to the three postural 'reflexes' of Hanna Somatics.

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Somatic Therapy

Based on the principle of sensory-motor learning that suggests habitual patterns of movement and posture can be ingrained in the nervous system, which can lead to chronic pain, tension or restricted movement. Using somatic pandiculations, individuals can learn to regain voluntary control of muscle groups, working to allow deep relaxation and release both physical and emotional stress through movement.

Meet Your Instructor
Amanda Meet Your Instructor

Teaching somatic movement and mindfulness for 40 years, Amanda provides yoga classes with the intention of being curious, creative and compassionate.

As Director of our sister clinic Falmouth Active Health, Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you will find put into practice during this retreat day.

Add To Your Experience
Add To Your Experience

Create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation by continuing your experience into the evening.

Spend a night of comfort in one of our luxury rooms, or indulge in some time at our award-winning spa for a hydrothermal experience or treatment. Finish a day of relaxing calm with a nutritious meal at one of our two resort restaurants overlooking Falmouth Bay.

Make the most of your day, get in touch with a member of our crew to find out more or to add to your experience.

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Discover our somatics workshop with Amanda and feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

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