14 Mar 24 | 18:00 pm - 20:00 pm

Perfect your practice with a slow yoga flow that emphasizes peace and mindfulness as you transition from one pose to the next. Follow this with a meditative sound bath to continue your evening of calm and relaxation with an evening of experience for all ages and abilities.

Highlights include:

Slow Flow Yoga Practice focussing on balance and movement

Meditative Sound Bath


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A Calming Yoga Experience

Take your time to delve into different yoga poses with the help of expert Yogi Maddie.

Yoga session in the Health Club Falmouth
Slow Flow Yoga

Enjoy a gentle yoga practice where you will practice fewer yoga poses over a longer period of time, using your breath to direct the pace of movement.

A slower flow allows you to be mindful of your body, thoughts and breathwork for a peaceful, restorative and calming flow.

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Yoga Sound Bath

Lay down and listen to the sounds of crystal bowls combined with the synergy of channelled vocals, soulful guitar, ancient mantras and spoken-word poetry that creates a harmonious space of serenity and self-discovery.

This unique sonic restoration will leave you feeling rested, centred and connected with your inner self.

Your Instructor
Maddie Your Instructor

As a trained vocalist, musician and sound healer, Maddie has spent the past 10 years exploring voice, sound and body through facilitating sound journey experiences.

Maddie works to offer sound journeys through beautiful melodies, chants and overtone singing, combining original work with sacred songs from all around the world.

Add To Your Experience
Add To Your Experience

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Indulge yourself with an overnight stay in a luxurious seaside room, or continue your wellness journey with a hydrothermal experience or treatment at our award-winning spa. Finish your stay with a delicious dinner and refuel with a nutritious meal.

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