Where to get the Best Ice Cream in Cornwall this summer


As the coast grows warmer with the summer sun, there’s nothing more refreshing than a scoop of your favourite flavour!

There’s something about Cornish ice cream that really hits the spot, the creamy sweet dessert making the perfect seaside treat during long days at the beach, or the ideal afternoon delight.

Finding the best ice cream in Cornwall is no easy feat, so we have pulled together some of our favourites for you to search out and try!

Swanpool & Roskillys
Swanpool Beach Café

This cafe has the added benefit of being just a ten-minute walk from the doors of St Michaels, the perfect spot for a walk and an ice cream!

Swanpool Beach Cafe is well known amongst locals for their topped ‘quirky’ ice cream cones, with a selection of delicious (and sometimes seasonal) toppings, such as Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Maltesers or roasted hazelnuts. All displayed deliciously with a generous dollop of traditional Cornish Clotted Cream!

Not a fan of a cone? Their Mega Quirkies come in a selection of delicious flavours, all served in a convenient tub!

Swanpool & Roskillys

Slightly further afield but perfect for those looking to explore the Lizard Peninsula, Roskilly’s is famous throughout Cornwall and beyond for its delicious ice cream and numerous flavours!

Made using milk from their very own Jersey cows, visiting the Roskilly’s farm means you can see exactly where their fresh dairy products come from before being turned into delicious, creamy ice cream.

Not looking to go too far? Roskilly’s have set up a convenient storefront in the centre of Falmouth for all of your ice cream needs!

Gwella & Ciuri
Gwella Dairy

Another ice cream treasure found along the beautiful Lizard Peninsula, Gwella Dairy is a family-owned dairy farm with a relatively new ice cream offering! Made using creamy pedigree jersey milk from their herd, the ice cream is manufactured on-site in small, handmade batches of delicious flavours.

Alongside traditional Cornish ice creams in deliciously tempting flavours from their own family recipes, they also offer delicious vegan sorbets, ice cream sandwiches and more!

Are you looking to go extra Cornish with your flavour choice? Don’t miss out on their ‘Thunder and Lightening’ Ice Cream!

Gwella & Ciuri
Ciuri Ciuri

Combining vibrant Italian flavours with quality Cornish dairy products, Ciuri Ciuri is tucked away on the Falmouth High Street, offering a selection of authentic flavours alongside vegan options for everyone to enjoy.

Pop into the brightly coloured storefront and explore their selection of cones and tubs for the perfect cold treat to enjoy whilst you wander the local shops and wares available throughout the town.

North Cliff & Moomaid
North Cliff Dairy

Located on the North Coast, not far from Camborne and perfectly situated for those glorious Cornish Sunsets, North Cliff Dairy offers fresh Gelato served straight from dairy farm to table!

Sit out on a picnic table beneath the glorious sun and breathe in the fresh country air as you enjoy a scoop or two of their delicious desserts!

They also offer delicious iced coffees and gelato frappes for a refreshing change.

North Cliff & Moomaid
Moomaid Of Zennor

The Mermaid of Zennor lured Cornishmen into the sea, but the Moomaid lures you towards tasty ice cream on the cliffs of  Zennor. 

Family-made, their ice cream is well-loved throughout Cornwall, with their ice cream parlours available in both St Ives and Porthtowan. Explore their range of flavours, from unique twists to classic favourites fresh from their herd (you can even find out the names of their dairy team!).

Jelberts & Callestick
Jelbert's Ice Cream

This iconic shop based in Newlyn on the West Coast of Cornwall is the ideal choice for fans of vanilla ice cream or of the superior Cornish clotted cream!

With one flavour on the board, Jelbert’s offers their traditional Cornish Ice Cream with a generous helping of clotted cream and a flake, taking you back to classic days at the seaside.

With years hand producing this delicious ice cream, we don’t think they need to worry about adding any more flavours to their menu!

Jelberts & Callestick
Callestick Farm

Now available at some well-known supermarkets as well as in their farmyard parlour near Truro, Callestick has been producing Ice Cream since 1989.

Made using fresh milk from a free-range herd, you can head out to see the cows whilst sampling the tasty ice cream they helped to create!

With over twenty flavours to choose from, this champion Cornish Ice Cream shouldn’t be missed on an ice cream tour of the county.

Find Your Next Scoop

Enjoy a delightful frozen dessert when you discover the superior (in our opinion) ice cream in Cornwall!

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