Water wellness

Deep soak

Ocean majesty and spa splendour combine to forge the St Michaels luxury coastal wellness experience.

From the soft purr of the hydrothermal spa to the ripple of sea on sand at our gorgeous Gylly beach and back to the gentle hum of activity in our Health Club pool: The St Michaels luxury wellness experience is drenched in the relaxing, reviving, health-giving powers of H20. Cornwall is, quite simply, a celebration of water. From the turquoise blanket of Atlantic that surrounds us to the occasional reviving drizzle (locals call it liquid sunshine) which, together with the year-round warm conditions, feed the subtropical gardens that enfold the resort.

How fitting, then, that water is a large part of the St Michaels luxury wellness experience.

hydrothermal bliss
Sink into hydrothermal bliss

The largest hydrothermal pool in the South West is the centrepiece of the award-winning St Michaels Spa. Luxuriate in bubbling warmth at 21 custom designed hydrotherapy stations across the hydrothermal pool.

Allow jets, bubbles and gentle currents to revive the body as the mind sinks into a deep state of relaxation.

Hydrothermal Experience

with sea salt and steam
Reward your skin with sea salt and steam

Take a break from the hydrotherapy pool to breathe and bask in the healing properties of sea salt inside the world’s first Cornish Sea Salt steam room.

Sea salt and aromatherapy steam rooms, herbal sauna, barrel sauna and red cedar hot tub are included in the Hydrothermal Spa Experience.

at the Health Club
Find your stroke at the Health Club

Our state-of-the-art Health Club has a seventeen-metre pool designed with both serious swimmers and leisure users in mind. Drop in for a few peaceful lengths, stretch the sinews, learn or get active with our wellness experts, and feel good again.

with a wild sea swim
Invigorate the senses with a wild sea swim

At the foot of the resort’s subtropical gardens lies the sheltered sea swimming hotspot Gylly Beach.

Join the year-round wild sea swimmers for an invigorating dip. Swimming in open water is great for circulation, providing a boost to the immune system, plus, the compound of minerals in every drop of seawater is a tonic for the skin.

Get in touch for details of forthcoming wild sea swimming retreats.