The Eden Project


Visit the worlds' largest captive rainforest at the Eden Project, complete with steamy jungles and waterfalls. Walk high above the rainforest canopy on the aerial walkway, explore the gentle Mediterranean Biome, indulge in delicious food and let the kids burn off some steam outside.

Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World by many people,
Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World by many people,

the Eden Project is a dramatic global garden housed in tropical Biomes that nestle in a crater the size of 30 football pitches. Eden barely needs an introduction, but this epic destination definitely deserves a day of your undivided attention. More than just a huge, tropical garden, Eden is a gateway into the relationships between plants and people, and a fascinating insight into the story of mankind's dependence on plant life.

Experience the sights, smells and scale of the rainforests in the Rainforest Biome - the world's largest greenhouse - and discover the tropical plants that are used to produce everyday products. Travel to South Africa and California, as you amble amongst the orange and lemon trees, olive groves and gnarled vines of the Mediterranean Biome, and in the 30-acre Roofless Biome see hemp, sunflowers and other plants that could change your future, flourishing under the Cornish sun.

P.S - If you are feeling brave, check out the SkyWire (England's longest and fastest zip wire zooming high above the famous Biomes) and the Gravity giant swing where you'll be suspended 65 feet above the ground before plummeting in a 55 mph free-fall towards the ground. Not for the faint-hearted!

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