Stand up paddle boarding


It's about the warmth of sun on your face. It's about the taste of salt on your lips. It's about a new feeling of exhilaration.

Stand up paddleboarding
Stand up paddleboarding

or SUP as it is known for short is an exciting offshoot of surfing and has landed in Cornwall straight from the sunny shores of Hawaii. If you lie on the beach gazing out in wonder at the surfers and their magical sense of balance and wishing you could join in then this is the answer. Standing on a surf board might be a bit tricky and take hours of practise, not to mention the cold flush of water through your wetsuit every time you fall off, but with SUP you can get going almost immediately.

Because the boards that SUP uses are wide and stable you have a pretty good chance of staying dry, unless you want to go all Baywatch and dive off the side! Paddle yourself along the coast, find secret spots and hidden coves. As paddling is so quiet you’ve got a good chance of spotting plenty or wildlife – birds, fish, seals and maybe even some dolphins.

Visit Gylly Adventures just over the road from us on Gyllyngvase beach for lessons or equipment hire in all things watery. They’ll have you paddling around in no time!