Personal Training: Most Asked Questions

Personal Training

The instructors in our health club often get asked questions about personal training, so we've gathered the most common to answer for you...

How do I pick a personal trainer?

We all know that everyone is different. Some people thrive off the challenge of a tough instructor and others need gentle encouragement to reach their goals. That's why it's a really good idea to get to know the person who'll be helping you through your fitness journey. For example, we have many trainers to choose from who are highly qualified in lots of different areas of fitness so you will definitely find one that you connect with. There are personal training profiles up in our gym that you can take a look at or you can come in and meet the team and choose from there. And remember; personal trainers want the best for you and your fitness, so don't be scared if you don't think their style of training will match with yours - you'll get much better results working with someone you feel comfortable with!


How many sessions a week of personal training should I have?

This is a really personal question - you can have as many as you like! We fit personal training around our clients and our instructors availability. We create personalised one-on-one sessions specifically designed to each client’s needs to ensure you reach your fitness goals and are supported 100% on your personal training journey. So it really does depend on your fitness goals, if you just want to increase your general fitness maybe one session a week would be best, but if you're training for an event you might want to increase the number of sessions. The best answer to this question is to talk to your personal trainer, be open about your goals and what you want from the sessions and they can provide the best solution.


Do we offer personal training and how much does it cost?

Yes we do offer personal training with a variety of different teachers, there are different payment options but you can do 1 session for £35, 5 sessions for £150 (which works out as £30 per session) or 10 sessions for £250 (which works out at £25 per session). For the block bookings we take payment upfront, but for one off sessions you pay as you go.


If you would like any additional information please do not hesitate to contact the health club team on 01326 310032 and we will be happy to get your personal training journey started.

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