Business Travel Tips For Cornwall

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If you frequently travel for business then it’s highly likely that you’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks to make your time away easier. 

As well as tips for making sure you’re using your time efficiently and those to make being away from home pass a little faster, you’ll find organisation and packing tips out there to help you get ready for your next trip!

But have you ever had to travel to Cornwall for a business meeting and you weren’t quite sure what to pack or do? We’re here to help make sure your next business meeting goes off without a hitch down here in the land of sand and sea!

What to expect when conducting business in Cornwall?

When thinking of Cornwall most people will remember the sandy beaches, ice cream memories and rolling country hills. Cornwall isn’t the business capital of the world, but it is slowly making a name for itself as a business hub with a difference (remember the G7 Summit?).

Business in Cornwall works a little differently, the pace is slower, and meeting rooms can be anywhere from beaches and boats to boardrooms and local hotels.

So what do you need to know before you arrive?

Our Top Tips For Business Travel in Cornwall

What to Pack

Cornwall work attire could be a tie and boardshorts, a Finistere fleece and trousers or anything in between. When coming down for business it’s best to get an idea of who you’re meeting with so you know exactly what’s appropriate to wear (but pack a tie or heels just in case).

But as well as your usual work attire we would recommend a few extra items.

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Welly Boots

You never know when your meeting could take you over to the local farms or out onto the sandy beaches, so make sure you have some sensible countryside footwear with you just in case.

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Whilst Cornwall is considered a subtropical climate it’s as open to the elements as anywhere else in the UK, and we don’t have many tall buildings to protect your umbrella from the force of the winds.

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An extra set of clothes

Be prepared for anything, from rogue waves during your seaside meeting to a seagull taking liberties down your nice shirt, and make sure to pack a spare set of clothes in case the sand or sea ruins your first set.

Travel Arrangements
Travel Arrangements

Heading for meetings in the South West is going to require planning, especially when considering how to get here.

Not as well connected as some cities, your main options for getting to Cornwall are by plane, car, train or boat (although we know that last one is less likely, we won’t rule it out).

If you’re planning to fly you will arrive in Newquay, and from here you can grab a train or a taxi to your final destination. Trains are available throughout Cornwall, but make sure you check ahead for any railworks or strikes.

If you’re planning to drive there are a few different routes to consider, so take everything into account when thinking about how to get here.

Booking Accommodation
Booking Accommodation

Cornwall may sound small, but this county is large and varied, so when planning a business trip, whether for a client visit or a conference, make sure you book accommodation within the area of your planned business. You don’t want to book accommodation in Newquay for a meeting in Penzance.

Consider what you need from accommodation, from a comfortable bed to extra plug sockets or an en suite bathroom. At St Michaels our selection of rooms is designed to bring comfort to the weary traveller.

You can also think about booking accommodation somewhere that also provides an event or meeting space ahead of time, helping you to plan your stay efficiently, leaving plenty of time to get your work done ahead of time, leaving you more time to explore the beautiful coast.

Keeping a Healthy Routine

Staying healthy when away can feel tricky, but keeping your routine when away from home is important for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Eat Healthy Meals

Ensure you are eating nutritious and healthy meals, either out with clients or back at your accommodation. At St Michaels we have two restaurants to choose from, and the rest of Falmouth’s delicious eateries right on our doorstep.

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Stay Active

Sitting in meetings all day isn’t healthy, so why not take a walking meeting along one of the many coastal paths or beaches surrounding us?

If there’s no time for that, make sure you book accommodation with a gym or Health Club so you can get active before or after your workday. This is also a great way to work off any tension or stress.

Make the Most of Your Time
Make the Most of Your Time

Downtime is important, even when you’re on a work trip.

Take your time to explore the local area, try the local cuisine (we really recommend a traditional Cornish Pasty or Cream Tea), check out the local events and activities, or just wander through the streets of Falmouth to discover the vibrant art scene or fishing heritage.

Treat your time off like a little holiday, you are in Cornwall after all!

Plan Your Next Business Trip with St Michaels Resort

Whether you’ve already been invited down by clients or you’re planning a business trip in Falmouth in the near future, make sure you have everything you need when you book to stay with us here at St Michaels Resort.