Thermavisage RF8 'Fat Burning'

A complete treatment for both face and body.

It is an effective 3-in-1 system; results driven anti-ageing on the face and a cellulite treatment for the body. The Radio Frequency treatment uses waves, which excite the molecular structure within the skin tissues generating heat. This thermal energy stimulates collagen production in the face, tightening and lifting the skin.

When used on the body it helps break down fat cells reducing the appearance of cellulite. It is a multi-polar unit and very straightforward for the therapist to use. When combined with the vacuum suction, the area is detoxed by draining away lymphatic fluid, plumping out fine lines and improving the texture of the skin. Chromatherapy is added to the treatment to further facilitate the anti-ageing effects and enhance the result.

60 Minute Face or Body
£80 60 Minute Face or Body

Choose from a full face lift broken up by 10 mins neck, 10 mins lips, 10 mins eyes, 10 mins forehead or the body area including a 40 minute treatment with measuring and photos.

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30 Minute Face Lift
£40 30 Minute Face Lift

Focuses on one are of concern on the face: eyes, neck, smoker’s lines.

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Course of 8 Treatments
Best Value
£480 Course of 8 Treatments

Although one off treatments give great results we would recommend a course of 8 treatments (saving £160), leaving you with results which can last up to 2 years. Choose from a course of 8 body or face lift treatments.

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