Our Food, Our Home

Let's be straightforward about this - we've got a bit of a thing for Cornwall. To be clear, the kitchen brigade at St Michaels, led by our Cornish Executive Chef Darren and Head Chef Ady are ludicrously in love with the farms, fields and seas of their home, and they want to serve you a slice of that passion, topped with something zingy and seasonal.

So whenever you happen to drop in, expect to be beguiled by fresh, honest and local menus, and a dedicated service crew who will happily talk till they're medium-rare in the face about the many food stories you'll find on your plate in whichever of our two ocean-facing restaurants you drop into.

Whilst we don't go as far as a 'ten-mile menu' or anything quite so completist (because sometimes a dish demands to be bejewelled with some Peruvian pomegrantate), we're increasingly pushing towards a simple, transparent approach to provenance. Make no mistake, this is a journey, but as we fortify each new menu with the best seasonal plants, animals, fish and shellfish from Cornwall and the westcountry, we're building deep relationships with land and sea, via our equally-particular suppliers.

Mouth not watering yet? It's time you eyed up some menus then...

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