Cornish Tapas ~ Shawarma ~ Vibrant Salads

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At Nourish, our mission is to provide a sanctuary where guests can indulge in an exquisite array of culinary delights designed to nourish their heart, body, and soul. From our menu bursting with healthy, light, and locally sourced dishes to our laid-back atmosphere fostering social joy and meaningful connections, every moment at Nourish is a celebration of food and community. Our bustling cafe atmosphere by day transitions seamlessly into a cool, contemporary, social, and relaxed bar restaurant by night, offering a dynamic space for all occasions.

Our menu showcases an abundance of small sharing plates inspired by Cornish tapas style, crafted from the freshest seasonal produce, with a focus on plant-based goodness.

Welcome to Nourish, where every bite, every interaction, and every detail is an invitation to savour the flavours of life.


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