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Mind & Body Gym Classes

Relax, unwind, destress

Release the day's stresses with a calming gym class that benefits your mental health as well as your physical health. Our Mind, Body & Soul classes have been created to allow you to focus on your health and ability at your own pace, under the guidance of one of our qualified instructors.

Instructor teaching a Barre Class in the Health Club studio
Strengthen and tone
Barre Classes

Put your dancing shoes on for a workout that incorporates moves from ballet and pilates for a flowing session that strengthens and tones your entire body. With a focus on breath work and moves to concentrate on, you can let go of any worries as you pay attention to the task at hand.

1 Hour | Yoga Mat

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Break a sweat
Hot Stretch

Develop your flexibility and mobility with Hot Stretch, a class that provides you with an excellent stretching routine in a heated room to help you warm up your muscles and stretch effectively. The higher temperature is great for reducing stress and promoting good health whilst you stretch it out.

45 Minutes | Yoga Mat

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Les Mills
Body Balance

A new-generation yoga class that includes elements of Tai Chi, Pilates and breathing control exercises. Spending time working on yourself and focusing on your breathing is ideal for your mind, body and soul in our Body Balance class.

55 Minutes | Yoga Mat

Female gym instructor guiding a yoga class at St Michaels Health Club
Find your flow

Adding regular yoga practices to your weekly routine can calm and clear your mind, which is why we have a selection of Yoga Classes to choose from. Check out our Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha and Beach Yoga classes to find your perfect flow. 

1 Hour | Yoga Mat

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Get flexible

Build strength, stability and endurance, and correct your posture with an intensive pilates class that focuses on core muscle groups. Work on your flexibility, balance and body awareness with some mat-based exercises that will leave you feeling fantastic.

1 Hour | Yoga Mat

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Flying High
Aerial Pilates

Practice pilates paired with the art of aerial silks in this low-impact exercise class for all abilities. Working with a fabric hammock, suspended 3-feet above the ground, will create a challenging workout that tests your control and ability, forcing complete concentration as you work with the silks.

6-Week Course | Aerial Silks

Pace Yourself with Mind, Body & Soul Classes at The Health Club

Mind, Body & Soul classes are the perfect introduction to mindfulness and self-care through exercise. Join our instructors on a journey of healing and growth as you choose classes that will benefit you.

Find out more about our classes today by getting in touch with our helpful team.