Aerial Pilates

6-Week Course

Join Grace for a 6-week Aerial Pilates course, perfect for beginners or intermediates.

02 May 24 - 06 Jun 24

Members £66 / Non Members £84

Members should get in touch with the Health Club for their exclusive Members Discount.

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Aerial Pilates

If you’re intrigued by Aerial Pilates, but a little unsure what it’s all about, then this course is for you! The course will focus on building the foundations of Aerial Pilates through basic strength and mobility exercises.

Thursdays 2:45 - 3:45 pm

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Aerial Pilates

Build upon the foundations of Aerial Pilates with this 6-week intermediate course. Discover an energising workout with exercises that challenge your coordination, strength and flexibility as you push yourself to improve.

Thursdays 3:55 - 4:55 pm

Meet Your Instructor
Grace Meet Your Instructor

Born in Cornwall with a love for adventure, Grace has trained as a dancer, aerialist and Pilates instructor, with over 10 years of practice and performance.

Currently an Associate Lecturer in Dance & Choreography at Falmouth University, Grace is also the Artistic Director of Freefall Dance and the Co-Director of Off The Wall Aerial Dance Circus.

Before Your Class

Please remove all jewellery, belts, hair grips e.t.c before taking part in the class to avoid damaging the hammocks.

Wear comfortable clothing but please avoid slippery materials such as lycra to maximise stability in the hammock.