Top 5 things to pack for your luxury getaway a St Michaels Resort

Health & Beauty
Pack your daily skincare essentials

You might be thinking, “I’m coming here to use your top-quality products, why would I still need my own?” In essence, during your stay it is highly likely you will be using one or more of our spa-related facilities. Whether your skin will be submerged in our hydro pools, or you’re having specific skin treatments, we always recommend bringing the essential products with you that you would use to cleanse and moisturise at home.


Whilst our treatments will improve the quality of your skin tenfold, our Elemis range acts as a deep treatment, and your skin is still used to a care routine set by you to prevent breakouts, so to avoid shocking your skin with various different elements, be sure to pack your regular Elemis or your Olay to use after your treatments for twice the glow!

Spa Packing Tips
A small waist-bag or cross over satchel

Whether you’re choosing to stay in our self-catering beach residencies or one of our 92 coastal bedrooms, you will need necessities such as your room key, your phone just to name a couple.

So, if you’re planning to lounge by the hot tub all day – make sure you’ve got a discrete bag with you with your valuables tucked safely inside for easy-access. The last thing you’ll want to be doing is rummaging in a large tote bag when you’re taking a walk across Gylly beach and a Kelly’s Cornish ice cream catches your eye!

Your favourite breathable lycra garments

Of-course the one thing you simply can’t forget when coming to any spa and hotel resort is your swim wear and your gym clothing, I mean… how else are you supposed to take advantage of our abundance of amenities without your comfiest gym gear and finest swimwear?

Swimwear may be one of your most-worn items during your stay with us, so be sure to pack your favourites for multiple days of water-based fun!

Spa Packing Tips
Waterproof bag

It doesn’t need to be fancy, a waterproof swim-bag or even just a durable re-usable carrier bag will do the trick!

While you’re on the coast of Cornwall and you’re coming to a spa resort – you’ll need some water-proof protective bags to separate your wets from your dry clothing! A seemingly obvious but quite often and easily missed essential.

Fold some carrier bags in your suitcase or backpack to avoid any mishaps. Thank us later!

Flip Flops
Sliders or Flip-Flops

As a general pool-hygiene rule, we would always recommend that guests keep the floors as clean as possible as well as protecting your feet from potentially slippery floor surfaces, especially when transitioning from the pool area to marble reception.

If you’re bringing the family along, it will make your lives far easier to have comfy and easily wearable shoes to slip in and out of. The priority is always safety first, with the added benefit of keeping the buildings in tip top condition too.

Spa Packing Tips
Coastal Room Style

When you check-in at St Michaels you will be given a complimentary robe and slippers while staying in one of our luxury coastal rooms, with calming earth tones of blue and oak to connect you with nature again.

With memory-foam mattresses to sculpt and hold you while you rest with timeless blue sailor-style striped cushions, natural stone toned curtains and minimalist and compact bedside lamps and softer than cotton carpets with views for days.

So why not book yourselves in for a night or three of tranquillity and peace with multiple choices of room types and with flexible cancellation options with the best rates you can find and a drink on us!