Locally foraged produce in Falmouth to make Cornish-inspired cocktails

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St Michaels Cooler

With a Cornish classic Tarquin’s Dry Gin, fruity triple sec and elderflower cordial, you’re likely to find elderflowers in and around Falmouth’s coastline, nearby you might find some rock samphire. Gather your elderflowers and boil them in a pot with lots of sugar until you’ve created a thick elderflower cordial syrup, strain the remaining plants and bottle once cooled down. This will make the perfect homemade elderflower cordial to add to your classic fruity gin mix.

1st and second cocktails
Beekeeper's Mojito

In Cornwall, finding honey-spiced rum is not hard to come by at all – and if you’re looking to make your type of honey to go with your rum – dandelions aren’t just weeds, they are your friend, so be sure to carefully pick dandelions where they are abundant (leaving just enough for the bees!) and find the best mint – which is commonly found in and around Queen Mary Park just across the road from our beach residencies.

berry cocktail
Red Berry Bramble

Remember I said earlier about how bramble bushes and red berries are just about everywhere? The walking path between Gylly beach and Swanpool beach has an abundance of brambles and red berries to forage to make your fruity concoction – all you’ll need to purchase is, of course, the classic Cornish dry gin and some crème da cassis. Once you’ve found this, you can cheer to St Michaels’s classic elegy to the Cornish hedgerows and drink like a true local!

third and fourth cocktails
Stormy Bay

A classic cocktail tends to be served all around Cornwall, going by similar names of ‘dark and stormy’ or ‘stormy bay’ etc– you’ll be able to find jugglers spiced rum in your local shop/bottle apothecary and bitters and ginger beer from your local supermarket. Limes, although not native to Cornwall, or anywhere in England for that fact, can be found in the garden centre on Swanpool Road for an affordable price.

Kimberly Park garden is also known to have small lime trees growing, thought to have been planted by a local school or wildlife preservation community.

Hedgerow Negroni
Hedgerow Negroni

Lillet roses are a key ingredient for this recipe, and you’ll find them relatively easily when passing by the library area of Falmouth town – where Lillet roses grow rapidly and can be made into a syrup or an extract in a similar way to that of gooseberry or a rhubarb. Mix with some orange and you’ve got yourself a Cornish twist on this classic Negroni cocktail.

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