How to make Salt Lemon Fudge

Fudge it up

Chefs don't like waste. Back in March 2020 when the doors of the resort were rapidly closed, we found ourselves with a problem that was afflicting kitchens up and down the country: mountains of produce which we were suddenly unable to use. In the days following closure, I spent many hours preserving, pickling and drying ingredients which would otherwise have been wasted, including some beautifully ripe lemons.

And that's how we found ourselves, on a sunny May afternoon with a jar of salt lemons (you'll find preserved or salt lemons in delis and good supermarkets or it's super-easy to do your own if you have time) and an idea for this twist on a westcountry classic.

Tooth-tinglingly sweet fudge is of course part of the rich tapestry of Cornish food and drink, but even great recipes should be tinkered with occasionally. With this quick and easy recipe for Salt Lemon Fudge we're balancing that familiar buttery sugar kick with the gentle tang of preserved lemon. You'll find the results hard to keep your hands off!


1 tin condensed milk
150ml full fat milk
450g Demerara sugar
125g butter
Rind of 1 salt lemon (preserved lemons)

A Sugar/Jam thermometer or heat probe


Step 1 Mix

Mix all ingredients in a pan except the lemon and stir over a low heat on a thick bottomed pan until the sugar dissolves and butter is all melted.


Take the temperature
Step 2 Take the temperature

Cook for 10-15 minutes until the mix turns a golden fudge colour and using a sugar thermometer cook until 118 degrees c.


Dice your lemon
Step 3 Dice your lemon

Finely dice the rind of your salt preserved lemon.


Add lemon, beat and wait...
Step 4 Add lemon, beat and wait...

Take off the heat and add the finely diced salt lemon rind, now beat for a few minutes off the heat till the mix starts to thicken and crystallize.

Transfer to a pre greased tin and allow to set for 24 hours.

Turn out, cut, enjoy!