How to make rhubarb gin

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

Rhubarb isn't just for crumbles! Reserve a few zingy sticks and learn from Head Chef Darren how to turn your favourite gin into a fancy spring tipple.

Spring in Cornwall is a riot of colour and fresh produce, but even the Cornish are known to import occasional ingredients and growing practices from 'up country'. And so it came to be that rhubarb, initially imported by the Romans before flourishing in a small section of yorkshire nicknamed the Rhubarb Triangle, sneak across the Tamar Bridge to become a mainstay of many allotment and veg growers here in Cornwall too.

Back in Yorkshire, the great cricketer Geoffrey Boycott, who's never short of an opinion or two, has often been heard decrying poor quality bowling by stating "I could have hit that with a stick of rhubarb". We don't think Geoffrey would be wasting his precious Yorkshire rhubarb on smashing a dodgy spinner to the ropes if he was sipping on Darren's rhubarb gin. It's spring in a glass, with a little rhubarby zing for good measure.

You will need...

1kg rhubarb, washed trimmed & roughly chopped
350g caster sugar
35ml Rosewater (optional)
700ml Gin (we love Tarquins Cornish Gin but use what you have)
A glass, some ice and your favourite tonic water :-)

Chop 'n mix
Step 1 Chop 'n mix

Mix the rhubarb with the sugar and leave for 24 hours in a sealed jar, the acid in the rhubarb will break down the sugars which in turn will break down the fibres in the rhubarb.

Add Rose water (or don't)
Step 2 Add Rose water (or don't)

The following day add the rose water or you can leave this out if you would rather have straight rhubarb gin.

Smash it, mix it, leave it
Step 3 Smash it, mix it, leave it

Then smash the rhubarb with the end of a rolling pin and add the gin, mix well, seal the container (a kilner jar is best) and leave for a month to develop

Strain and drain<br>(into your glass!)
Step 4 Strain and drain
(into your glass!)

Strain through muslin and serve with a good quality tonic or orange juice over ice.

We'd love to know how you got on with this lovely spring tipple - share your pics with us on Instagram or Facebook and tag @stmichaelresort in your post. Happy rhubarbing!