A Day in the Life of a Head Therapist - with Jo Gilbert

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Starting as an apprentice five years ago, Jo Gilbert began training in beauty therapy, and along the way, gradually reached the promotional title of Head Therapist, assisting the Spa manager, Hannah with day-to-day tasks. From biotech facials to operational admin, St Michaels Head Therapist, Jo details what a typical day in her life looks like.

J: “When I first come to the spa its usually around half past eight in the morning, where I turn all the lights, our lime and basil diffusers and calming music on, this is the part of my day where it’s the real ‘calm before the storm”.

Jo is an Elemis Ambassador as well as Head Therapist, so her work goes beyond pedicures and brow tints.

A day in the life of a head therapist

J: “I then check my emails and tend to liaise with Elemis regarding upcoming launches, stock intake and so on, and as I’m their brand ambassador, we work with them quite closely as a resort. All our stock comes directly from Elemis themselves as we believe their products are to the high standard that we want to provide, and they smell incredible regulars of ours love to come in occasionally for uplifts and to restock on their favourite products before heading home again.”

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As a Head Therapist and a brand ambassador, it’s hard not to have favourite products, and it’s even harder to choose just one specific favourite!

J: ”I can’t pick just one! My top three favourite products from elemis would be the Pro Cleansing Balm, the Superfood Midnight Facial, and the Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment.”

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Jo then tends to her first client of the day. Appointments can range from anything from one facial a day to six manicure sessions and a couple’s massage.

J: “The level of intensity when it comes to appointments can vary a lot, but luckily my role is quite hybridised in the way that if I’m not doing beauty treatments, I can do stock orders and some more admin-related things with the spa as my role develops, and now I’m very focussed on doing operational things and making sure the new therapists are well-trained to St Michaels 4-star standard.”

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Once Jo has done appointments and stock for the morning, she takes her break and grabs a coffee from our Bar and Lounge area.

“Our resort is nearby some lovely places for coffee, but I can never resist the coffee we have here! This is my short break and wind-down time where I can plan around my new developed treatment I'm producing, so keep your eyes open for that one coming!"


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 Once Jo returns, her afternoons are often spent in meetings or doing further appointments. Afternoons tend to be when our regulars love to come for a brief relaxation session!

“Something I really love about my regular clients is the familiarity, the serenity, and the trust that they have in you.  Allowing people to fully relax and break down any emotional barriers that they carry throughout their normal days. Some people even cry because of how calm and in a place of trust they feel, it really does wonders for the mental health.”

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Jo usually finishes her day with some admin work, along with some preparations for the day ahead.

“Towards the end of the day, we start sterilising the spa and treatment rooms, I check we’ve got products for our clients for the next day and generally just keep an eye on emails and partnership emails within the spa. Every day truly is different, though which is what I love about it so much.”