5 reasons you should book a spa break in Cornwall

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Health Benefits

Now, we all know that staying calm and taking you-time is brilliant for our mental health, but did you know that it all connects to your physical health, too? Clean body, clean mind. Our sea salt steam rooms decongest any blockages in your pores or your nasal passages as well as regulate your body temperature, as well as the Cornish sea salt, is amazing for the skin, both as a mineral and as an exfoliant.

Our hydrotherapy pool and water jets target aching muscles and tired bodies, untieing any of those knots and stresses from daily life, and diminishing any physical manifestations of stress within an instant.

Breathing in natural sea air has been renowned by locals for centuries for regulating melatonin levels – hence why you probably feel rather tired after being by the sea all day!

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Make memories this winter with the ones you love the most. There’s one thing you can’t put a price on, which is the memories that come with your winter holidays. Don’t be jealous of the families with winter cabins and ski lodges, instead relish in the post-summer views of Gylly beach and relax up by the sea with our delectable offers!

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Range of Packages

At St Michaels, we’ve got selections galore when it comes to the variety of breaks, we offer. From our Winter Beach Residencies to our Christmas and New Year’s breaks, there’s so much to choose from for any group, whether you’re wanting to celebrate with friends, family or just as a couple – we cater to all, so come along and treat yourself to a piece of bliss!

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Amazing Value

More often than not, booking a holiday during winter is better value than booking during peak summer times. With less competition, you may be able to find rare discounted flights, transport and even stays depending on where you look. Why not scope out the deals?

Extra hours of happiness
Extra hours of happiness

It’s science! Irish airline Aer Lingus, conducted a study that showed winter holiday bookings can give holidaymakers an additional 71.5 hours of happiness – that’s three extra days filled with heightened serotonin and calm evenings. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of the summer months can certainly come with its benefits!

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