Supercharge your gym experience

What if we told you that 3-weeks is all you need to supercharge your progress in the gym?

Our Shape-Up programme focuses on your health and performance, providing you with the stepping stones to reach your goals and how to maintain your passion for the gym long-term. Three weeks is all the time it takes to begin to form a healthy habit, which is where Shape-Up comes in.

It's not all about training for body image, but about training for your health, performance and long-term goals.

Lauren is on hand to kick-start your fitness journey with you. 

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New methods & techniques

Remove the fear of the unknown as you receive expert guidance on methods and techniques that will take your fitness journey from strength to strength. Discover effective methods that will strengthen your body, increase flexibility and improve health, no matter your background or ability.

Lauren will teach you the fundamentals needed to feel confident in the gym, and how to apply them to your own fitness sessions to work and progress at your own pace.

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Shape-Up will be available from 12 Feb 24 for a 3-week fitness journey to prepare you for reaching your long-term health and fitness goals.

Members | £63

Non-members | £70

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